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Video: The Simple Life, Unplugged

At Geneseo, Nik Varrone is the support services manager for IT. At home, he and his wife, Anya, run a farm and plows the land using a method that was most popular in the 1700s. The Varrones use horse plowing and have created a...

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Video: A Forest Sanctuary

Geneseo’s Director of Sustainability Dan DeZarn and Kimberly Keil-DeZarn ’06 show us around their home, which they’ve built to have many sustainability related features. It’s even built from mostly...

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Video: Geneseo’s Beekeeping Club

Geneseo Beekeeping Club’s Allison Menendez ’20 takes us on a visit to the campus hives, and shares how members explore the complex role of honeybees in the world and how they help them thrive on...

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All the Buzz

  The Geneseo Beekeeping Club learns about the complex role of honeybees — and encourages...

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