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Citizenship and Change on a Global Scale

Geneseo alumni with the U.S. State Department say understanding other experiences and perspectives is key. By Kris Dreessen As a foreign service officer in the U.S. State Department, George Sullivan ’07 served in Washington,...

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What Makes Good Leaders?

  Entrenched notions of leadership are expanding to embrace collaboration and listening. By Lonny Lippsett Every year, Tom Matthews would ask incoming first-year students at Geneseo, “What’s your definition of leadership?”...

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Trending Now: Lose (and Find) Yourself in Nature

The great outdoors is a prescription for reducing stress and feeling good. By Jim Memmott Put the books and your phone down. Go for a walk. Sit outdoors. Watch the sunset. Don’t talk. Take nature in. Geneseo Rx, a program...

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Seeds and Harvest

While Geneseo’s mission is to foster student growth, faculty and staff learn and gain inspiration...

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Kindred Spirits

Geneseo community members share how their pets teach them about life, loss, relationships and...

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