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Seeing the Light

Everyone knows about Geneseo sunsets: Many evenings, nature’s show is the best show in town. While most students and visitors watch from the gazebo, some students have a secret advantage to viewing the oranges and pinks over the valley — from their rooms. Scott Williams ’20, a political science and geography major, has one of those rooms. When selecting where he was going to live, this perk was something he never anticipated at Genesee Residence Hall.

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Video: Nature’s Canvas

For 27 years, the Roemer Arborteum has been both a quiet place to appreciate the wild and a natural classroom, where students and faculty conduct research on topics from ant colonies to monitoring how human impact on songbird habitat affects the birds’ behavior. The 20-acre reserve is home to 70 species of trees, shrubs and plants and was a gift from the college by the late Spencer J. Roemer, emeritus dean of admissions, who created an endowment so it will be forever wild.

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