Category: Spring 2020

Video: A Little Zen — A Tutorial on Mindfulness

Scientific American has published several articles examining neuroscience and clinical research that shows mindfulness and meditation practice actually change practitioners’ brains — how they respond to stimuli and stress, how...

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Video: The Simple Life, Unplugged

At Geneseo, Nik Varrone is the support services manager for IT. At home, he and his wife, Anya, run a farm and plows the land using a method that was most popular in the 1700s. The Varrones use horse plowing and have created a...

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Video: A Home Away From Home

If it’s Tuesday or Thursday, Terry Price ’58 is probably at the Home Away From Respite program, which provides companionship and programming for seniors with memory-related illnesses and free time for their...

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Stream and Chill

Grab the slippers and junk food. TV nights are still a favorite way for students to spend time...

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A New Focus

Jeff Fasano ’80 chose passion over an uninspiring career. He was rewarded with his dream...

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Video: A Forest Sanctuary

Geneseo’s Director of Sustainability Dan DeZarn and Kimberly Keil-DeZarn ’06 show us around their home, which they’ve built to have many sustainability related features. It’s even built from mostly...

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