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A Fresh Start

This issue of the Scene marks a new beginning. Over the past several months, members of the College’s advancement and communications teams have redesigned your Geneseo magazine to better capture the spirit and vision of the College, as well as the lives and pursuits of its alumni. We have also established a more robust online presence for the magazine at, with stories of students, faculty and alumni illustrating how the College is evolving, while still staying true to its roots and traditions. We encourage you to join us in conversation online and through Facebook and other social media channels.

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Climate Change: Is It Too Late?

Journalist, activist and professor Bill McKibben’s book, “The End of Nature,” is considered to be the first book about climate change that was written for general audiences. Its message has been translated into 24 languages. The founder of, he has worked around the world with grassroots organizations to fight climate change and to work toward divesting from fossil fuels. He has received the Gandhi Peace Prize for his efforts.

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