Your travel, your photos


1. Ireland: Rob Walz ’13 and Rachael Beckman ’13 went on their honeymoon to England, Ireland and Italy, and took this photo at the Cliffs of Moher in western Ireland. “We met at Geneseo and began dating in our senior year. We have been together since.”

2. Tanzania: Christina Moriarty ’08, Sara Hempson ’08 and Cara Nelson ’09 were on safari in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania in the photo after visiting Jill Kuhn ’08 in Dar es Salaam. The women also delivered school supplies that they collected from their school districts to be delivered to a local school in Arusha, Tanzania, where Cara worked several years ago.

3. Mexico: Diane Brachocki Brinkman ’79 and Gerry Brinkman ’76 recently traveled to the Yucatan in Mexico to visit the Mayan ruins of Oxkintok. “It was our sixth visit to the Yucatan to explore the fascinating Mayan ruins and their culture, all around the Yucatan peninsula,” says Diane.

4. Russia: In 1966-67, Robert Dietrich ’69 spent a year studying abroad at the University of Vienna, Austria, through Geneseo. “That year inspired me to travel extensively, and my career with the Defense Department allowed me to continue to pursue that interest,” he says. Recently, he visited countries on a Baltic Sea cruise, including Russia, and The Hermitage building there.

5. Canada: Steve Weisbrod ’72 and his wife, Beth Arnow, toured the Canadian Rockies including Banff and Lake Louise.

6. Bosnia and Herzogovina: John Brind’Amour ’88 and Colleen Roach Brind’Amour ’88 went to Kravica Falls in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
7. Greece: Jared Meagher ’13, right, and Jonathan Richardson visited the Mediterranean, including a trip to the Parthenon in Athens.