Many people may brag that they bleed their school colors, but if you prick the finger of Dan Loughran ’86, you just may see blue.

Loughran retired in 2016 after a successful 30-year career in investment management and currently serves as chair of the Geneseo Foundation’s Finance Committee and chair of the Roundtable Athletic Association, whose members support student-athlete programs at the College.

Recently, he added “men’s ice hockey volunteer assistant coach” to his resume.

There are a lot of people that I know who say they bleed [Geneseo] blue, but there is no one that is truer for than him,” says men’s ice hockey coach Chris Schultz ’97. “Hockey is in his blood, too, and he is passionate about helping sustain the success of the program that played such a big role in his life.”

Growing up in northern New Jersey, Loughran’s earliest hockey memories were going to see the New York Rangers play at Madison Square Garden with his father and brother. But his hockey fire was permanently lit after pulling on a Geneseo sweater. As captain of the 1986 team, Loughran lead Geneseo to their first conference championship.

So much of who I am today came from my time at Geneseo,” says Loughran. “I’m lucky to have the opportunity to give back in a way that is more than just writing a check. When you get to interact with the students, you see how incredible they are. They have the same passion and get the same enjoyment I experienced.

I’d rather be playing than standing behind bench, but unfortunately the Almighty only gives you so many years of being in your prime. I still have a lot to learn about coaching, but being able to help the guys as they pursue their careers after Geneseo has been my favorite part. I feel like I can make a difference.”