High-school history teacher Justin Vossler ’11 knows his trivia. He won five times on Jeopardy! this year and competed in the show’s Tournament of Champions.

Want to test your trivia knowledge?

Justin has created a quiz, just for the Geneseo Scene.

Questions get more difficult the longer you play. Enjoy!

1. Despite trailing 28-3 in the 3rd quarter, this team rallied to win Super Bowl LI 34-28 in overtime:

Show Answer New England Patriots

2. The 14th mission of this lunar program touched down on the surface of the moon in 1971:

Show Answer Apollo

3. He promised the people of the Philippines he would return, and in 1945 this general did just that:

Show Answer Douglas MacArthur

4. As of August 2015, the series finale of this television show is the only program in the Top 10 Most Watched programs that isn’t a Super Bowl, and it has been since 1983.

Show Answer M*A*S*H

5. While some may find it very polarizing, this genre of music is the most popular, if the number of radio stations dedicated to it is any indication.

Show Answer Country

6. In year 62 of the Common Era, Pompeii and Herculaneum were severely damaged by an earthquake, years before the 79 CE eruption of this volcano.

Show Answer Mount Vesuvius

7. Bakelite, developed in 1907 and used in telephones, toys, jewelry, and kitchenware was an early form of this material:

Show Answer Plastic

8. Judaism and Christianity have 10 commandments; Islam has 5 of these:

Show Answer Pillars

9. The ‘Welcome Stranger,’ weighing just over 241 pounds, and found in Australia, is the largest ever one of these:

Show Answer Gold nugget

10. Kathatine Hepburn won it 3 times, but Luise Rainer was the first to win it back-to-back:

Show Answer Best Actress

11. A baby pig is a piglet; a hoglet is a baby one of these:

Show Answer Hedgehog

12. His 755 homeruns stood as a career record until passed in 2007 by Barry Bonds (asterisk?):

Show Answer Hank Aaron

13. Pluto isn’t the only one; according to NASA, Ceres and Eris are also classified as one of these:

Show Answer Dwarf planets

14. 2017 marks the centenary of this North American country’s constitution:

Show Answer Mexico

15. This director earned writing credits for both the television and film versions of Miami Vice:

Show Answer Michael Mann

16. Counting only RIAA-certified copies, she has the top-selling album of all-time by a female artist (not including movie soundtracks)

Show Answer Shania Twain

17. Before being approved for medicinal use in the US in 1954, this medication was marketed as rat poison.

Show Answer Warfarin/Coumadin

18. The title for this classic 1959 novel was suggested by Jack Kerouac when he had difficulty reading the author’s original title:

Show Answer Naked Lunch

19. This internationally renowned news agency once reported there was no news to report:

Show Answer The BBC

20. About half of the above clues and answers revolve around one particular day of the year. What is it?

Show Answer February 5th