Residence Halls can be the best seat in the house for Geneseo sunsets.

Everyone knows about Geneseo sunsets: Many evenings, nature’s show is the best show in town. While most students and visitors watch from the gazebo, some students have a secret advantage to viewing the oranges and pinks over the valley — from their rooms.

Scott Williams ’20, a political science and geography major, has one of those rooms. When selecting where he was going to live, this perk was something he never anticipated at Genesee Residence Hall.

“I remember when I first got to campus, and I was doing some work on my desk — which faces the window — and I saw the sun set for the first time,” he remembers. “It was such a fun surprise!”

Scott’s suitemates and friends often make excuses to visit his room in the fall around 7 p.m. They take photos, study together, or just hang out.

“I love to come in here and take photos,” says Margaux Hales ’20, a biology major. “It’s so pretty.”

When we stopped by, prospective students, Guinevere Servis and Iana Levine, were visiting their friends at Geneseo for the day. They were blown away by the view, especially for a college residence hall. “Watching the sunset like this is so cool,” says Servis, “and such a great way to end my day here.”

Sunsets on campus through the ages: 1978

Student in a dorm room. The sun is setting outside behind them.