The High Waists You’re Seeing Everywhere? Retro Fashion, Revamped.

Step into the time machine! Though high-waisted jeans may have peaked in the 1980s, they are making a strong comeback. Clothes that emphasized the waistline were all the rage at New York Fashion Week 2018.

Design mavens Marc Jacob and Diane von Furstenberg used chunky belts and thick ropes to highlight the waist.

At Geneseo, students can be spotted in nearly every class wearing high-rise pants. Why? They are overwhelming versatile. They come in skinny or “boyfriend” cut and can be worn with a crop top or a bulky sweater to a party or the library. For the budget-minded college student, this flexibility is economical and a time-saver! High-waisted pants top-off above the belly button. An added bonus: the waistline masks a not-so-flat belly.

Leliana McDermott ’20 sews her own. Describing her style as “mom on the go,” she pairs them with a cut-off “Geneseo Football” T-shirt, great for dressing casually for class or hanging out with friends.

Whether channeling MC Hammer or Zack Morris of “Saved by the Bell” fame, high-waisted pants are easy-to-wear pieces that can suit fashionistas of any age.

Revisiting a classic look

Students going fashion forward via fashion backward.

Saige Horvath ’19

Childhood education and special education major, urban studies concentration.

  • My style: “simplistic with a vintage vibe,” with neutral colors
  • Style icons: model Jessica Clements; model, writer and designer Alexa Chung
  • Most worn items: high-waisted jeans, big sweaters

Mary Simpson ’20

Psychology major

  • My style: “dark and comfortable”
  • Style icons: Geneseo students
  • Most worn items: boyfriend jeans, flannel shirts

Leliana McDermott ’20

International relations and communication double major, art history and urban planning minor

  • My style: “casual mom on the go”
  • Style icons: Tyra Banks, Sophie Turner
  • Most worn items: Elephant Pants (profits are donated to save elephants)

Chloe Roach ’19

Communication major, women and gender studies minor

  • My style: “neutral with a touch of tacky”
  • Style icons: actress Lily Collins; fashion and lifestyle author Leandra Medine
  • Most worn items: relaxed and distressed boyfriend jeans, flat-form Teva sandals